Halloween Looks You Can Wear All Year Long

Shaana Lichty

Posted on October 08 2020

Halloween Looks You Can Wear All Year Long

Don’t you hate spending money on something that you’re only going to wear once? Feels like a waste to buy one of those cheesy, uncomfortable, polyester outfits that you find at the Halloween shop. Wouldn’t it be great to get more than one night out of your Halloween costume? 

I’ve got you covered! I’ve picked some of my favorites from HeartsEase Clothing to help you get ready for Halloween. So whether you’re staying in and doing a Zoom party with your friends or handing out candy at a safe distance, here are some pieces you can wear for Halloween then add them to your closet for everyday wear! 

Inspiration: Willow from Buffy The Vampire Slayer 


Dress like Willow this Halloween with a sweater from HeartsEase Clothing.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a late 90s show all about girl power and taking on the biggest, baddest evil in town. But no vampire slayer is complete with a side-kick. While Buffy had a few friends that helped her fight against evil, Willow is the inspiration for this Halloween look that you can wear all year long. 

Willow balanced out the vampire-slaying gang as the shy, quiet geek. She was known for wearing over-sized, colorful sweaters even in the warm California sun. Thankfully, the comfort of the over-sized sweater is back this year. So for our first Halloween look, I’ve got a few options from the HeartEase Sweater Collection that are sure to complete your Willow look! 

Multi-Striped Sweater

Striped sweater - fall 2020 collection

Fuzzy, cozy, and of course over-sized, this multi-color sweater is something Willow definitely would have worn on her vampire-hunting treks. Ok, more often than not, she was running away from the vampires, but it still helped Buffy stake them so I’m counting it! 

This sweater has a crew neck with ribbed details at the neck and wrists. It’s one-size-fits-most (the model is normally a size small) so to achieve that over-sized look, you might want to choose the next sweater if you usually wear a L or XL. 

Multi-Color Knit Pullover

fall 2020 sweater collection


Our second pick for the Willow look is this color-blocked pullover. While the colors themselves aren’t Willow’s usual bright staples, the bold color-blocking and the over-sized shape make this sweater perfect for your Willow Halloween costume. 

This sweater just looks like something you want to reach out an touch. The knit is super soft making it great for lounging around the library (Willow’s favorite place). With its crew neck and bubble sleeves, you’re sure to look like Willow when you wear this sweater for Halloween. And you can wear everyday after that too! 

Inspiration: The Ladies from Friends


Don’t worry - all the women from Friends are here! These leading ladies have styles all of their own. Though they sometimes swap clothes, it’s usually out of necessity not a choice. That’s because each character has their own distinct style that fits their personality best. So I’m throwing out some more 90s vibes as we dive into these Halloween looks. 

Rachel Green


Rachel Green dress - Halloween Inspiration fall 2020 dresses


First up is Rachel Green. If you’ve ever seen Friends (who hasn’t!), you know Rachel as the fashionista of the bunch. In the first few seasons, she had that signature 90s plaid vibe going, but as the years passed and she got hired as a fashion buyer for a designer label, her looks got a bit more streamlined in color and cut. But she still made a statement in anything she wore! 

These picks are the classic little black dress. They both have the deep v-neck that shows just enough skin for a date night while keeping it as classy as Rachel. Take a look! 

V-Neck Cover-up Dress


cover-up dress summer 2020

This dress is super versatile as it can be worn on its own or as a cover-up for a day at the beach. Though the fabric doesn’t exactly scream date-night, it’s still a must-have for your closet and a perfect dress to replicate Rachel’s look. It’s knee-length with short sleeves and a tie to cinch your waist. Get this dress for Halloween, then wear it with leggings and some boots for the rest of the year! 

Black ¾ Sleeve Knit Maxi

black maxi wrap dress fall 2020

This black maxi dress is sure to show off your curves, just like Rachel likes to do. The ¾ length sleeves and maxi length make wrap dress a little more suited for fall and winter than the above option, but both capture Rachel’s sophisticated style. Click the photo to add this dress to your closet and be Rachel Green for Halloween. 

Monica Geller 


monica geller dress - halloween 2020 inspiration

Monica Geller was a star in the kitchen, taking simple ingredients and turing them into fantastic meals that the whole gang could enjoy. That simplicity translated to her fashion choices as well. Easily considered the most wearable of the clothing from the women of Friends, Monica’s outfits showed off her best assets in the more formal situations, while she wore simple and understated outfits in her everyday life. 

Satin Cowl Neck Midi Dress 

90s inspired red dress - fall 2020

I’ve decided to go with the dressier verison of Monica’s style and picked this gorgeous red satin dress. It’s a bit darker than Monica’s but throw your hair up and add some strappy heels and people will definitely know your Halloween style inspiration. This 90s inspired midi dress is has a sexy slit at the side and a low back. There aren’t too many of these left, so grab one before someone else decides to be Monica too! 

Phoebe Buffay

halloween 2020 inspiration


You know Phoebe. She was the quirky one of the gang. She always had a guitar or a message table with her and she just had this go with the flow vibe. And since I’m all about boho looks here at HeartsEase Clothing, it was a bit hard to choose which outfit would best represent Pheobe. There were so many options! In the end, I ended up pairing these two pieces together for the perfect Phoebe look. 

Floral Maxi with Pockets

First I've got this great high-lo maxi dress with a gorgeous floral print. The relaxed fit totally has a Phoebe vibe as do the bright colors of the flowers. This maxi dress is sleeveless with a v-neck that doesn't show off too much skin, just the way Phoebe would have liked it. With such a great flow and simple lines, you have to have this dress for your Phoebe Halloween look!

Flowy Sleeved Kimono

flowy sleeved kimono fall 2020

If you know anything about Phoebe, you know she LOVED layering! She added a kimono, jacket, or sweater to just about everything she wore. So it’s no surprise that I’ve paired the maxi dress above with this kimono. It’s just so Phoebe. The colors coordinate, but the two don’t quite match which is exactly Phoebe’s style. This kimono has beautiful greens and oranges that compliment each other and make the floral pattern really pop. It comes down to about knee-length with slits on the sides that allow you to tie it up in the front or leave it down for a more classic kimono look. Add this kimono and complete you Phoebe look for Halloween!

Are you Halloween ready?

If not, don’t worry about rushing out to the nearest Halloween store, just check out the styles at HeartsEase Clothing! We SHIP FAST and FREE so as long as you’ve got a few days left before All Hallow’s Eve, you still have plenty of time to get a look for Halloween that you can wear all year long! 

You’ve got to have the right accessories to finish off any look! Click here for your finishing touches!

Click here for more styles!

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