Spreading the Kimono Love

Shaana Lichty

Posted on June 16 2019

Spreading the Kimono Love

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Anyone who knows me also knows that being in front of the camera isn’t my comfort zone. I am at my happiest making all of you look gorgeous and I love doing that in anonymous bliss from my private work space. However, there is a real person writing all of these posts and selling you these clothes...and since I get to blow up your social media feed all day, I should try to do better at showing up to say hi once in awhile 😉👋🏼 

It's hard to believe HeartsEase has been my side gig, happy place, and hobby for just over a year now. Turns out I've created a second full time job "hobby" for myself. My normal work days have gone from twelve to sixteen hours, my office looks more like a storage closet than an actual work space, and my learning curve still looks more like a squiggle. So thank you to everyone who has stuck it out with me so far, has offered advice, has jumped in with suggestions, offers of help, or has trusted me with an order. And extra love to those of you who have just sat down and taken a timeout or had drink with me to calm my ever present nerves. I wouldn't be here without my tribe 💖

If you haven't jumped on the kimono bandwagon yet, let me tell you there is no single piece of clothing more forgiving, more flattering, and more comfortable all at once. I am officially a convert and can be found in my Mirabel on a regular basis. 

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