The Original Makeup Eraser - What is This Sorcery?

Shaana Lichty

Posted on February 07 2020

The Original Makeup Eraser - What is This Sorcery?
You know the feeling. You're standing in front of your closet and there is nothing to wear. Any sane person would tell you you're crazy, because that closet has choices galore. But you're not feeling it.
Owning a clothing store can feel like that sometimes. You are desperate to find a  thrill and excitement in every piece that you buy and sell. You want your customers to feel your enthusiasm and see your passion. I've come to terms with the fact that for that to happen, less is going to have to be more. Focusing on quality over quantity will allow me a chance to get excited about products in a new way.
So, today is the day I force myself to start some new and magical thinking. Focusing my energy on sourcing products that light a fire in me and that in turn will light a light a fire in you. Some of you may already know that bamboo was my first obsession when I started shopping for the store and I have probably overshared my enthusiasm for it by now. In my humble opinion, everyone should buy a ton of bamboo, then roll around in it like money. Thank me later. 
But bamboo can't be the only love in my life. Thanks to my sweet friend, Linda, I can now share with you another serious obsession of mine. The Makeup Eraser isn't flashy, folks. You won't look at this piece of cloth and think "Oh, fancy. Gotta have it."
Then someday a confidant will come along and spill a little secret about this beauty lifesaver, this little magical makeup eraser towel. They will tell you that it has been in their arsenal for months if not years and you will finally take notice. I'm here today to be that friend and spill those secrets.
Everyone knows the feeling of coming home after a long day. You're exhausted, dragging ass and unable to remove a godforsaken bra let alone wash your face. Forget trying to pull off an entire nightly skincare regimen. Here's where the wizardry happens. 
The Makeup Eraser cloth is for the laziest of us. With water and this one little microfiber towel, makeup melts right off your face. Even those wicked waterproof mascaras will disappear. With little to no effort or time, your face is squeaky clean, exfoliated, and feels great.
Like bamboo, the ease of this product is only the beginning of the many merits it has to offer:
  • The Makeup Eraser is the #1 sustainable makeup remover in the world
  • Perfect for ALL skin types and dermatologist approved. Even the most sensitive skin will appreciate that chemicals are not used here. 
  • Antibacterial
  • 100% vegan
  • Cruelty free & never tested on animals
  • Replaces bathroom waste - cotton pads and wipes are no longer needed
  • You can still use your favorite cleansers with the cloth, rinse out after use
  • One cloth can last up to 3-5 years, 1000 washes
  • Machine washable
My love for the Makeup Eraser started small. One travel size cloth was all it took for me to realize it was going to be life changing. I couldn't wait to add more to my collection and now I cannot wait to share them with you. I'm even more thrilled to have found an adorable tropical print as my first MUE in stock. The colors are ALMOST too pretty to tarnish. I said almost.
If you haven't already jumped on the Makeup Eraser bandwagon, it's time. Do yourself a favor and grab one of the Original MUE's for yourself. Then grab an extra and share with a friend. If I haven't convinced you yet, google some reviews and check out those images! For real.
It's going to take a village to keep my quality over quantity plan alive. I'm counting on you, my friends. Please throw a sister a line if you have a revolutionary fashion or beauty item to share! Most of you already know where to find me (hi mom). For anyone who doesn't, shoot me an email at

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