Top 3 Reasons To Love Bamboo Clothing

Shaana Lichty

Posted on January 26 2020

Top 3 Reasons To Love Bamboo Clothing

Did you know you could WEAR bamboo?


I used to think bamboo was something pandas ate in the wild. Who knew they were making clothing out of the same stuff they construct tiki bars out of? But boy, were my eyes opened when I slipped on a bamboo top for the first time. It looks and feels like silk, but is soft like cotton. You will want to toss out all your old tees once you try on this new, more comfortable alternative. Bamboo apparel feels luxurious but is as affordable as any other fabric on the market. And there is so much more. I am amazed at the many benefits of bamboo fabric, and now, I want to share these amazing bamboo fabric facts with you!

1. Bamboo Clothing is More Comfortable and Durable

When you slip into a bamboo top, pants or sleepwear, you will learn right away why it is becoming so popular. It is the same sensation as dipping into a warm bubble bath. Or slipping into your favorite cashmere sweater. You can almost feel how good it is for you. It also has a beautiful, draped appearance that is both flattering and comfy. It is ultra-soft, yet strong, and has built-in temperature control (hot flashes anyone!) that wicks away moisture and keeps you cool and dry. Breathable and quick-drying, bamboo is perfect for people who are on-the-go. No one has time for high-maintenance fabrics and “dry clean only” materials. Joggers, athletes and busy moms alike will appreciate the moisture-free comfort of bamboo. The days of wearing yoga pants around town are over. This is much more sophisticated in look and feel, and for less than half the price of name brand athleisure wear. Trust me, bamboo is for you! Nice enough for a night on the town but cozy enough to lounge around in at home. Something like this is hard to even describe until you feel it against your skin. You will never want to take it off!

2. Bamboo Apparel Protects Your Health and Blocks Harmful UV Rays

Can you believe bamboo actually BLOCKS HARMFUL UV RAYS from the sun? This protects your skin from the damaging effects of UV light that can lead to skin cancer. We often don't think enough about protecting the covered parts of our bodies. Well, this is like having sunscreen over parts of your body you usually don’t even think to protect! Unlike polyester, there are no harmful chemicals used in bamboo fiber, in fact, it is 100% CHEMICAL FREE! Even cotton can’t say that since a staggering amount of harmful pesticides go into producing it. Bamboo is hypoallergenic, so it is tolerable to even the most sensitive skin. It is also antibacterial and odorless, making it resistant to mildew and mold. This fabric is colorfast and accepts organic and natural dyes so there are no harmful additives. The result is rich beautiful hues that are not harsh on your skin.

3. Bamboo Fabric is Sustainable and Better for the Environment

How bad for me are the fabrics I usually wear? Learning exactly what goes into those common materials may shock you . . .

Where we get products from and how they are made is an increasing concern to consumers. Did you know that polyester fabrics are the product of a chemical reaction (gasp!) In China workers inhale toxic chemicals while creating polyester from coal and petroleum. When released from these sweatshops, the synthetic byproduct contaminates local eco-systems. They can also leach into the water from a washing machine and affect local water supplies! These chemicals are not biodegradable either, so the pollution is irreversible.

And then there is cotton. Though cotton is renewable, cotton production requires an extraordinary amount of pesticides. In other words, the product itself is natural, but by the time it is processed it is covered in poisonous chemicals. And it is a wasteful production process. It takes a huge amount of water to grow cotton, for one thing. Even organic cotton, which is pesticide-free, has a negative impact on the environment. It takes a lot more space and water to grow organic cotton due to losing more of the crop to pests. Bamboo textiles, on the other hand, are sustainably-sourced and, due to the quick-growing nature of bamboo, it is replaced in the environment quickly.

When you choose bamboo over other materials you are supporting environmental health. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable and 100% chemical-free. It is safe for you and safe for the earth.

Bamboo grows so fast that it is even considered a “pest” in some countries where it is so abundant, such as Australia. Have you ever heard the term “I could even kill bamboo?” That is because of bamboo’s reputation as a hardy, woody grass that can reach 80 feet in 5 years! Not only that, since the beginning of time people built houses out of bamboo. This is because it is hardy and durable, yet light enough to carry. And this is exactly how the clothing feels too. You will never want to wear cotton or chemical-laced polyester fabrics again! There are no disadvantages of bamboo fabric! Even better, you are supporting a more sustainable planet when you buy this affordable, organic clothing.

I can’t imagine ANY fabric that is better for the environment, your comfort AND your health than bamboo, can you? You are doing yourself and the planet a favor when you buy bamboo clothing.

Here at Heartsease Clothing, we want what’s best for you and the environment. We chose bamboo clothing, in part, because of its minimal carbon footprint. The truth is, we could also wear it all day! It’s perfect for traveling since it doesn’t stay wet or wrinkle, and because it is so light and soft. Great for everyday wear or going out on the town. It is low maintenance, yet classy. Our customers are women who want to wear quality products and make a difference in their choices!

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