Welcome to My Playground

Shaana Lichty

Posted on December 01 2018

Welcome to My Playground

"Starting a business is often a triumph of heart over logic."


HEARTSEASE CLOTHING was born in 2018, created as an escape from 80 hour workweeks and stressors of my "real job." As a 911 dispatcher, I've worked long hours and been left feeling empty. Realizing I needed something to fill that void, to replenish my soul, and to EASE MY HEART, my passion for shopping and love of clothing pointed me here. 

HERE, to my own online boutique. Here, where each piece featured here has been selected for reasons only my heart may understand, but I am hopeful they speak to you as well. Here, where I get to lose myself in things that make people HAPPY. Here, where I get to join the world of other WOMEN BUSINESS OWNERS who are there supporting one another at every turn. Here, where I get to challenge myself in ways that I know will prove to be humbling and exciting.

After months of preparation, countless hours of work, and endless advice from friends and loved ones, I am excited to finally "roll out the red carpets" and let the shopping begin. 


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  • Donna Nelson: September 13, 2020

    Congrats on your fulfilling your dream, Shaana, and working so diligently to build a unique online boutique! You provide such encouragement with your kind heart and sassy sense of humor! May Heartsease Clothing continue to soar and may you receive the joy you give to others!

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