What to Wear: Top 5 Fall 2020 Color Trends

Shaana Lichty

Posted on September 10 2020

Fall Fashion Color Trends 2020


It’s that time again when you have to put away your shorts and grab your sweaters. Time to throw your pants in the wash and hope they still fit after 6+ months of emotional eating from the COVID-19 crisis and all the other not so fun stuff that has been 2020. Remember the murder hornets? Yikes! 

Whether you’ve been stuck inside all year or have had a chance to get out, the 2020 fall/winter fashion trends are sure to help you make a statement. If you’re thinking it’s going to be another year of rusted orange, mustard yellow, and burgundy – you’re wrong. 

Buckle up and get ready for the 2020 fall/winter color trends. They’re bright. They’re bold. And they’re one more thing that’s going to make this year stand out in the history books. 

I’ve picked my top 5 favorite colors from the runways that will make your boho-chic looks super trendy this fall. Check the fall color trends for 2020! 

1. Not So Fall Red

Red is bold. And it’s everywhere. You look down the street and you’ll see at least 4 red signs or red houses or red something. With fall fast approaching, you might expect to see that same red as always stocked on shelves.

But not this year! 

While burgundy is still a staple red for fall fashion trends of 2020, it’s the bold blood reds that are making a statement. In fact, you’re going to see a lot of bolder shades this fall overall. 

HeartsEase Clothing has you covered for all your red needs this fall! Here are just a few of my favorite reds…

Bright Red - fall fashion color trends 2020 say go bold with bright reds

2. Always Trendy Gray

So understated. So simple. So standard. Gray is one of those colors that goes with everything. As a neutral, it’s always in style and works for any season. 

But versatile gray is here in a bold way for fall 2020. And it’s not so much the color that’s making the statement – but how you wear it. 

On the fall fashion runways this year, gray was worn from head to toe. Think pants and skirts, blouses, tops, dresses, and even jackets and coats. All in shades of gray. 

Now boho style might be all about layering colors, but this gray trend can still work for your boho outfits in 2020. I’ve collected a few options from HeartsEase Clothing for you to check out below. 

The first is a classic stripe long-sleeved top with a cut-out back. For a boho look that’s on-trend, add a light grey flowy skirt and some gray boots and you’re good to go. 

Next up is this great dolman sleeve star sweater in a light gray. You can pull this off with a pair of gray leggings to fit the fashions of fall 2020. 

Our last look is a bamboo long-sleeved turtle neck that you need in your closet. It’s lightweight and super soft. So really anything you pair it with is going to be great! Add some dark gray or herringbone trousers and you’re set for a day at the office in style. 

Check out these gray tops and find more at HeartsEase Clothing!

Go with Gray - Fall fashion color trends 2020 say gray should be worn from head to toe

3. Go Bold With Orange

If you really want to turn some heads this fall, wear orange. Not the burnt orange of the leaves changing, but bold orange. The kind of orange you usually wear in the summer. 

Admittedly, this orange is not a color everyone can wear. For some, it makes their skin look pasty and pale. Others can luxuriate in this bold move for fall color trends of 2020. Like they say, ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’. 

Fall 2020 is your time to flaunt that bold orange you’ve always wanted to wear. Make a statement this fall - wear orange. 

Need some orange to fill your closet? HeartsEase Clothing has you covered. Check out some of our looks below…

Be bold in orange - Fall Fashion trends 2020 say to be bold with bright orange this fall/winter season

4. Go With Green

Green stands for so much. Green with envy. Green for jealously. Green for money and greed and grass and earth, eco-friendly, sustainability, and even Kermit the Frog! So of course, 2020 standing for so much change, it’s no wonder that green is a fall color trend. 

Olive green had it’s home on the runways of 2020, but it wasn’t alone. Like gray, there were several different shades of green that the fashion gods have blessed this year. 

You can dive into the more subtle shades of olive green and use a pop of orange to stand out. Or maybe emerald and jewel tones are more your style. There were even a few runways featuring acid-green is the main color of their looks.

While we don’t have any acid-green, HeartsEase Clothing has styles that are sure to have you going with green this fall. Here are just a few...

Go Green - Fall Fashion Color Trends 2020 say Green is IN

5. Don’t Be Blue - Wear It

The world is a mess. Between the political issues, racism, a pandemic, the fires, and yes, even murder hornets, it’s been a rough year. So I could understand if you’ve had the blues. But it’s time to take that blue out of your heart and wear it on your shoulders. 

Blue is another color that’s going bold for fall fashion trends of 2020. Navy is out and classic blue is in. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute (one those fashion gods) says; 

“A boundless blue evocative of the vast and infinite evening sky, Classic Blue encourages us to look beyond the obvious to expand our thinking; challenging us to think more deeply, increase our perspective and open the flow of communication.” 

Here at HeartsEase Clothing, we know that shades of blue come and go with the times, so we’ve got a wide selection of blues for you to choose from this fall. Check them out…

Stun with Blue - Fall Fashion Color Trends 2020 say that blue is IN

Get Ready For Fall

Yes, fall is almost here. My favorite season! The leaves start to change, the temperature cools off and the bugs die out. Fall is the time when you can sit outside with your pumpkin spice latte or hot cocoa and not be eaten by mosquitoes.

With chilly weather right around the corner, you know you can trust HeartsEase Clothing with all your fall fashion needs. So when your favorite sweater from last year has a new hole in it, shop HeartsEase Clothing - where your new favorites await.


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