Calling all Fashionistas, Wannabe Influencers & Amateur Stylists!!! 

HeartsEase is looking for YOU to represent our clothing and mission to spread positivity as part of our SoulSquad! 

No prior experience necessary, just a love of social media and wearing/styling great stuff!

How do you know if you have what it takes to be a SoulSquad Ambassador?

  • You are over 18 years old (required)
  • You love HeartsEase style and, ideally, have already been a loyal customer (not required)
  • You have already checked out our site and social pages and are interested in being a part of them. We will feature you on them if you join!
  • You have a decent social media following and support a positive, healthy lifestyle
  • Your posts appeal to all people across demographics and are not overly political
  • You are friendly and outgoing and tend to draw people to you easily
  • You love fashion and are already posting photos regularly to show your unique sense of style!

    Sound like you? Check out these perks below!

    SoulSquad Ambassador Benefits:

    • 30% off all purchases with personalized promo code
    • Free Merchandise and Promotional wear if your posts lead to sales
    • Compete with other SoulSquad Ambassadors for gift cards to shop
    • Be featured on our Website and Social Pages
    • Build your Resume in Business, Fashion and Marketing

      How It Works — 5 Easy Steps:

      1. APPLY below with a quick and easy application and, if selected, you get a unique referral code so we can track the sales your posts produce and monitor your progress.
      2. GET MERCH at 30% off with your special discount code.
      3. POST 2 Stories and 2 Posts on Instagram or Facebook per month
      4. TAG Every post must include the tags: @heartseaseclothing, #heartseaseclothing #heartseasesoulsquad and other creative hashtags  
      5. REP HeartsEase Clothing by adding “SoulSquad Ambassador” to your social media bio(s). Add to your bio and reference “link in bio to buy” in your posts.


      Is this a paid position?

      It is if you consider discounts and free clothes payment! Seriously though, it is not a paid position, but a chance to earn discounts on clothes you wanted anyway and occasionally some free stuff if you are really working it!

      Do I have to look like a model, or be a certain size/type?

      Here at Heart’sEase we are body positive and accept women of all backgrounds, ethnicities, body-types and styles! We are looking mostly for women who have a good sense of style and who have a following large enough to build awareness of our brand. Our clothes are for ALL women and the best way we can show that is by having all kinds of women wearing our clothes and sharing that online. Help us spread the all-accepting love.

      Do I have to have a lot of followers to be accepted? And what’s a lot?

      We would prefer to work with influencers who have decent followings (around 1000), HOWEVER we are willing to accept people with a passion for HeartsEase because even those with smaller followings, but have the ear of their audience can encouraged sales among their family, friends and even strangers with creative hashtags.

      What are the rules for posting?

      We want you to be creative and unique, but also prominently display our apparel. Here are some guidelines we ask you to follow:

      Posting Guidelines: Posts cannot be political in any way and must be inclusive of all people and body-positive. No other shops or brands can be promoted on these posts.

      Please note: SoulSquad privileges can be revoked if you are not posting the minimum agreed to or displaying the clothes received in your posts. 

      What if I change my mind?

      If selected, you can cancel your liason-status at at any time, but with all the fun offers coming your way we don’t think you will want to.

      How Do I Apply?

      Fill out a short form at the button below and we will get back to you ASAP about whether or not you are a good fit for SoulSquad Ambassador. We look at every submission and encourage everyone to apply, even if you aren’t sure you have enough followers etc. We care more about how much you love our brand/style, and how dedicated you are to sharing that with the world, or even your own network of family and friends. If you love our stuff, want to wear it, and think you can convince some people of how awesome and comfy it is, we want you!  We will work with you and give you feedback on your posts, plus we want you to succeed and are so excited to share our love of HeartsEase and our mission to promote women and improve the world for the better with you! So don’t be shy, go ahead and hit us up!

      Apply to Join the HeartsEase SoulSquad Today!

       Click here for application.