Magic MakeUp Eraser - Zzz’s Set


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Looking for the perfect Quarantine Care Package for someone you are socially distanced from? Pamper your loved ones from afar with this adorable, wellness-inspired kit. Plus get a FREE EYE MASK to help soothe anxiety and promote restful sleep.

Why do they call this microfiber cloth a MIRACLE Make-Up Eraser?

Here are some reasons why: 

    • Only requires water to work and all your make-up comes off easily in seconds
    • Soft enough for even the most sensitive skin, yet strong enough to take off waterproof mascara!
    • Not harsh on your face, doesn’t sting your eyes, and isn’t made of harsh chemicals, like most face washes
    • Machine-washable and durable, just throw it in with your regular laundry load
    • Lasts 3-5 years or 3600 washes, saving you thousands on pricey, wasteful face wash products!

This easy make-up remover is 100% Environmentally Friendly too. When you make the switch to this popular make-up removing cloth, you support a cruelty-free, sustainable planet. Reduce the carbon footprint by eliminating waste from plastic dispensers and cotton balls you use once and then toss. We promise you will never look back!

Perfect for traveling, just roll it up and throw it in your suitcase. You never have to worry about your liquid make-up remover leaking all over your clothes again!

Like a tiny super-hero cape 🦸that fits in your handbag, the Magic Make-Up Eraser performs miracles! 

Once you try it you won’t be able to live (or travel) without it!

💝GIFT IDEA: Pamper the one you love by sending them this affordable, luxurious lifesaver. 

Other benefits and specs:

  • Antibacterial - doesn’t clog pores
  • Dermatologist approved
  • Only requires 1-2 washes per week
  • Double-sided for longer use - Short fibers on one side erase make-up, Long fibers on other side exfoliate your skin
  • Perfect travel size - 15.5” x 7.25”, 0.3 pounds